Said about my art

“I am in love with Saara Alhopuro’s work, it is as if she takes the brightest jewels hidden inside the darkest forests and creates astonishing jewellery. Her work sensitivity celebrates the beauty of nature and this is why it is so delightful and powerful.”


“Saara Alhopuro is a refreshing newcomer in the Finnish art scene. She builds on the tradition of environmental art, while simultaniously adding colour and story-telling allowing her to reach large audiences outside traditional visual arts. Her art is easily approachable, symbolic and very topical. She works efficiently and passionately, and I strongly recommend her to any project. ”

  • Christian Sjöholm, Artist, Curator /Visio Festival/HMWL


“You can find surprisingly versatile and even exotic colours in Finnish forest mushrooms. Finland’s only mushroom artist uses them to create snazzy installations.”

  •  Jussi Mankkinen, Cultural Editor /Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE