Using my art

Guidelines for re-posting or using my art found online *


Individuals are welcome to share my work! I love to share my work with others, so thank you for helping! Sharing on social media is how artists and creative people reach new audiences and gain fans. Your repost is a great way to support me!

How to repost a creator’s work properly: Always tag the creator in the image itself. If you are sharing on Instagram, mention “art by @forestlikefairytale” in the caption – if on Facebook, mention Saara Alhopuro – Art & Photography.  Never edit another person’s work (including cropping out their name, recolouring, adding a filter, redrawing, etc.).

Brands may share when: the point is to showcase my work itself (i.e. “We love this”), and proper credit is given in the first two lines of caption, so that there is an opportunity for your followers to discover me.

Brands may not post my work if: my work has been edited, the post implies partnership or endorsement from me or the post is announcing a sale, promotion, or other business language appears in the caption. If in doubt, ask first!



* adapted from @AdamJK and @jill_bliss